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Can you be a bit blind?

Can you be a bit blind? – The way that sight loss and blindness is understood in the wider population is, in my view, a barometer of our success  in getting people to grasp the importance of eye health. By this, I don’t just mean those that are registered blind, or indeed those that are at risk of it. I mean all of us – the whole community. As the population lives longer, the prevalence of sight loss is rising. Coupled with this, lifestyle choices are also bringing conditions such as diabetic retinopathy into people’s lives. In short, eye...

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The Power of Social Media When You Have a Disability

Guest blog by Emily Davison – author of the blog Fashioneyesta. Social media, it seems to be taking over the world these days. It dominates many news stories and it’s a key way that people find out news on current affairs, their favoured celebrities and share news on their own lives. With there being so many apps created to allow people to network and share their lives with the world, some may ask ‘why?’ and ‘what’s the point of it all?’ Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Emily Davison, although in the cyber world I’m more commonly...

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Athletics helped former Commonwealth Games competitor deal with her sight loss

Guest Blog by former Commonwealth Games competitor Selina Litt. Find her blog page Insight Out here There’s no way of sugar coating it, losing your sight is tough. It’s not fair. You ask ‘why me’?! I have a rare genetic eye condition called Norrie’s Disease, which is only meant to affect males, but guess what I defied the odds and was the first female in the world to be diagnosed with the condition. Lucky me! In a sense I am lucky though. I am glad that I had the opportunity to see.  It has nearly been ten years since I have...

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Pen labelling for blind people

Guest Blog by Barbara. Blog page…. There was a lady on this morning a little while ago, who was blind and wore makeup. Her boyfriend and dog accompanied her, and the way she used to wear her makeup, she would label her makeup with a blind pen which is sold from the RNIB shop, for £75. The labelling is speech affected and she would label up her eyeliner, her mascara and lipstick whatever colour they were. She wasn’t fully blind, she could see light or dark. Follow the link to the labelling pen in the RNIB shop… Another name...

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