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Light for Sight

2015 Thomas Pocklington Trust and Royal College of Occupational Therapists ‘Light for Sight’ is a resource developed by Thomas Pocklington Trust and the College of Occupational Therapists which outlines the significance of improving lighting in the home to facilitate the activities of daily living and meaningful occupations of people who have visual impairments. Although the resource has been designed as a CPD module for Occupational Therapists, it contains useful information for most frontline professionals working with people with sight loss. The module can either be delivered as a one hour group session or completed as an individual. The learning...

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A Practical Guide to Improving Lighting in Existing Homes

May 2015 Better lighting at home can make a dramatic difference to people’s lives. This guide is full of practical advice for improving lighting in the existing homes for people with sight loss, drawing upon research from Thomas Pocklington Trust & University College London. Links:  Good Practice Guide 5: A Practical Guide to Improving Lighting in Existing Homes – PDF version and Word...

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Matching Lighting to Sight Loss

January 2011 Is it possible to design forms of lighting for the benefit of large numbers of people with different forms of sight loss? That’s what researchers were investigating with ‘Matching lighting to sight loss’ a discussion paper addressing conflicting views when it comes to lighting the homes of people with sight loss. Key facts: Matching lighting to eye conditions Thomas Pocklington Trust funded two studies looking at the possibilities for matching lighting to eye conditions. One stated that individual assessment of lighting needs was necessary. whereas the other concluded that, whilst impossible to identify which lighting conditions were most suited...

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