Lighting in and around the home

A guide to better lighting for people with visual impairment

This updated Lighting Guide, endorsed by the Institution of Lighting Professionals,  is designed to help visually impaired people improve lighting in their homes, increasing their independence, comfort and safety.

Although it focuses largely on lighting in the home and shared accommodation,  the principles are relevant to all settings – not just the home.

Earlier editions of the guide were aimed largely at frontline professionals, such as housing and support staff, home improvement agency staff, vision rehabilitation officers (ROVIs), eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs) and occupational therapists (OTs). This edition is also written for blind and partially sighted people, their family members and friends to provide practical tools and information to help them improve their lighting.

Thomas Pocklington Trust’s research into lighting in the homes of visually impaired people has found common problems include low levels of lighting, uneven lighting, shadows and dark areas and lack of information on potential improvements. This guide addresses these common problems, and more.

Lighting in and around the home: A guide to better lighting for people with sight loss (October 2021)



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