IT’S not uncommon for people who don’t interact with visually impaired people regularly to commit faux pas such as grabbing a visually impaired person’s arm without warning or talking to the person they’re with instead of them.

We have come across a video by YouTuber and Fashioneyesta blogger Emily Davison which aims to give people an insight into the world of someone with sight loss and how to interact with them.

At the start of the video, The Things You Should Not Say or Do to a Visually Impaired Person, Emily, 21, says the video will tell people about ways to talk to and effectively help a visually impaired person that won’t patronise them or make them feel bad about their disability.

Emily has Septo Optic Dysplasia, a rare congenital condition that affects your endocrine system and vision. She is registered as Severely Sight Impaired with no sight in her right eye and limited vision in her left eye.

But Emily hasn’t let her disability stop her from living her life. She has completed a BA in English Literature, is studying a Masters degree, and is a journalist, writer, astronomer, blogger and public speaker.

Her blog, Fashioneyesta aims to challenge people’s perceptions of sight loss through her love of fashion, beauty and style. Emily aims to make fashion accessible and inclusive for people with sight loss and other disabilities whilst tackling the stigma surrounding sight loss.

The video gives advice on topics including how to talk to and approach someone with a vision impairment, interact with their guide dog and some common mistakes people make when interacting with a visually impaired person.

You can watch the YouTube video The Things You Should Not Say or Do to a Visually Impaired Person here.

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