Workplace expert, Acas, has launched a new free guide ‘Disability discrimination: key points for the workplace’ to help managers prevent workplace disability discrimination.

Acas helpline dealt with around 12,000 calls related to disability discrimination in the past year. Close to half of job hunters with a disability found that misconceptions regarding their abilities were the main barrier to employment.

Acas Head of Equality, Steve Williams, said disability can encompass many conditions or situations that employers may not be aware of, such as HIV, cancer or depression, but it should not be a barrier to employment.

“Research shows that employers with a diverse workforce can reap many business benefits as they can tap into the knowledge and skills of staff from a wide range of backgrounds,” he said.

“Our new guidance covers the different types of disability and practical steps on how to prevent discrimination and deal with it if it happens.”

The full guide is available via Acas website [PDF610kb].