In many eye clinics, essential eye health appointments are being delayed, causing some patients to experience irreversible sight loss which could have been avoided with timely treatment.


Increasing demand, treatment requiring lifetime care, and lack of NHS resources, are causing these delays, the See the Light Report revealed.

The Government could turn this around by implementing the report’s recommendations, which were compiled by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health and Visual Impairment with RNIB, based on evidence from over 550 patients and 112 organisations.

We need your help to encourage MPs to act. Hearing from local people affected by sight loss helps MPs understand the impact it’s having in their areas.

Please use our online tool and pre-written letter to contact your MP. By spending five minutes filling in your details you can make a real difference. If you’ve experienced delays in your own care, please do mention this and how it affected you.

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