Author: Lucas Weatherby

Vital Tech: The New Impartial Guide to Assistive Technology

What is Vital Tech? Vital Tech is a website which seeks to be an impartial, straightforward guide through the world of assistive technology in the UK. The site, supported by Thomas Pocklington Trust, provides an overview of products and resources which blind and partially sighted people may find useful in daily life. It has been developed by blind and partially sighted people, for blind and partially sighted people. What is covered on Vital Tech? Information on the Vital Tech site is presented under task-oriented themes. Here’s a summary of what’s currently available: Being organised – Banking and managing money,...

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Young people with vision impairment face a cliff edge when leaving education to find work

A recent study from the University of Birmingham and supported by TPT has found that blind and partially sighted young people are edging nearer to employment but that more still needs to be done. This unique study has followed the experiences of 48 blind and partially sighted young people as they try and navigate their way from secondary school into work. Worryingly, it found that over a fifth were not in education, employment or training, or were unpaid volunteers. The study also found that young people with vision impairment were unemployed for at least a year when leaving university,...

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Employment Networking and Insights at Lockton Professional Development Event

Lockton Insurance recently hosted a professional development event in collaboration with Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) held at Lockton’s offices, the St Botolph building in London. The purpose of the event was to support blind and partially sighted people to improve their employment prospects. Staff members from TPT, Birmingham Vision and London Vision attended the event. The agenda included keynote speaker Charlie Coyle, a technology demonstration, as well as CV guidance, interview practice and workshops into the afternoon. Keynote speaker Charlie Coyle, a former intern at TPT and now People Project Officer at the Department for International Trade, opened the...

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