Ian McNamaraI am the Events Coordinator Intern for Thomas Pocklington Trust in Birmingham, having started in July 2017. I have been blind since birth due to a condition called retinopathy of prematurity or retro letro fibroplasia. I have a Guide Dog called Zimba who has been with me for three years. I worked in the Apple Store in Birmingham as a Customer Service Specialist with expertise in Accessibility and VoiceOver. I enjoy getting out and about, making new friends and helping people. I care about access for blind and partially sighted people in Birmingham and am excited by the work the Birmingham Sight Loss Council are doing. I am keen to help improve the daily lives of people living with sight loss in the Birmingham area and am willing to do whatever I can to assist.

You can contact Ian by emailing ian.mcnamara@pocklington-trust.org.uk

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