Image of Tanzeel YousafI have a PhD in Biomedicine and during my studies, I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in 2011 followed by being registered severely sight impaired in 2012. My main concern is the lack of employment opportunities for visually impaired people as even though I have high-level qualification, I have struggled to find suitable employment. In the past I have volunteered with employment team at Action for Blind People (now RNIB).

I have found BSLC to be a very prestigious platform to raise awareness of the issues faced by visually impaired people in their day to day life. I am a big advocate of Assistive Technology and my interests include making technology more accessible for visually impaired people by enhancing accessibility features in apps, using smart home applications and products and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of life of partially and severely sight impaired people.

Working with BSLC, my main focus is empowering visually impaired people by providing them representation at the policy making and planning stages of key services and ensuring that the future services are more inclusive, and current are transformed to cater for the needs and requirements of partially and severely sight impaired.

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