The Birmingham Sight Loss Council was established by Thomas Pocklington Trust in 2016. We are a group of blind and partially sighted volunteers who want to make sure the views and needs of people with sight loss are listened to and met. We act as advocates, campaigners and negotiators and work with organisations to help improve their understanding of visual impairment.

Our aim is to be a voice for blind and partially sighted people in Birmingham, standing up for their rights and equal treatment.

Why do we need the Birmingham Sight Loss Council?

In short, we want to make life easier for visually impaired people in Birmingham, that’s almost 30,000 people!

Organisations have obligations under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that people with a disability are not at a disadvantage when accessing goods and services. Unfortunately we know that reasonable adjustments are not always made for visually impaired people and this is where the Birmingham Sight Loss Council can step in. We want to help champion the needs of people with sight loss, provide a voice to lobby, engage and educate. We work with local organisations to help them to fully understand their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and ensure they are being met.

Image of the Birmingham Sight Loss Council in front of the Houses of Parliament

The Birmingham Sight Loss Council outside the Houses of Parliament

What do we do?

We hold regular monthly meetings for our members where we discuss issues faced by people living with sight loss and the best way to tackle them. We feel it is important to advocate on behalf of blind and partially sighted people and that is at the heart of everything we do. We are keen to run campaigns and lobby for change to improve the daily lives of local visually impaired people.

We find inviting key stakeholders and representatives to our meetings is a good way to communicate our concerns and build relationships. In between monthly meetings members will attend forums and meetings with stakeholders in order to bring the issues to the attention of decision makers. For more detail on the work we do, please click here.

Can I join the Birmingham Sight Loss Council?

We are looking for visually impaired people who use local services and have a particular area of experience. For example, you may use the local public transport, health services or shopping centres.

The task of being a Council Member includes consulting other visually impaired people with similar experiences, and then representing their views to the relevant service provider. This could include advocating and negotiating for better services. We give all Council Members support and guidance to help in this role.

The Birmingham Sight Loss Council is a great source of peer support and we find Members to be very supportive of each other with all aspects of life. We regularly meet up outside of meetings to offer each other support with things like access technology. It is a very friendly and understanding group where opinions are shared and respected.

If you are interested in this voluntary, part-time role, why not contact us for an informal chat? We can also tell you about the straightforward application process.

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