Blindness Awareness Month 2021

October is Blindness Awareness Month – and we have a packed programme of videos, podcasts, and stories to share with you throughout the month.

Every week during October we will share a new video from our We Work series. These share the career journeys of blind and partially sighted people in a range of job roles and sectors and the technology they use in the workplace.

National Braille week is 11- 17 October, so we will be sharing blogs and a podcast about braille’s place in the modern world and different perspectives on learning braille.

The following week we launch “We do we see? 2: how the world looks to vision impaired children and young people.” This video simulates the five most common eye conditions in children and is the follow up to our popular video, “What do we see? how the world looks to blind and partially sighted people.”

We will share resources for professionals on delivering accessible learning, for students applying to mainstream college, and tips on the importance of good careers advice.

Throughout the month we will re-share our Blind And Able videos from which demonstrates how accessibly technology has enabled blind and partially sighted employees to do jobs as well as their sighted colleagues.


Don’t’ miss these

Friday 1:     Launch of Blindness Awareness Month 2021

Week 2:     We Work video

Delivering Accessible Learning


Week 3:     We Work video

Podcast – learning braille in later life


Week 4:     We Work video

What do we See 2? How the world looks to vision impaired children and young people


Week 5:     Employing a diverse workforce video: advice for employers

Careers advice tips for blind and partially sighted people


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