As trailed in last month’s blog, our summer staff conference activities featured a bake off competition which I had the privilege of judging, alongside our Chief Operating Officer Sharon Billingham. All 13 cakes were absolutely marvellous! It was part of a week of activities which brought our staff together. Sadly, I was unable to participate in the Zumba, tea dance and yoga classes but I did struggle along to the pub quiz!

I would like to congratulate Ellie Southwood on being confirmed as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees at Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) last week. We’re increasingly collaborating with RNIB in areas including Vision UK, technology, research, policy and advocacy, and I look forward to continuing and building further on our joint-working.

In some ways it feels like we’re in the summer “silly season” at the moment, as a lot of people are away on holidays so there is a lull in committee meetings and collaborative activities. This period gives us time to reflect on the progress we’ve made and think about our plans moving forward. When we get back into the swing of things in September it will be time to put pen to paper on our operating plans for 2018, and beyond, and I’m greatly looking forward to working with all staff on that and making sure peoples own objectives and activities all have a clear line of sight to the charity’s key priorities.

In my blog in June I spoke about our six emerging priorities – evidence, advocacy, networks, rehabilitation, employment and technology – and the good news is they’re still the same!

Finally, I hope we haven’t seen the last of summer and we get plenty more sunny weather this month!


Peter Corbett

Chief Executive