I’m pleased to report that the England Vision Strategy national conference on January 26 was a great success! The conference was sold out and we had more than 170 delegates from the Eye Health and Sight Loss sector in attendance. There were more Local Eye Health Network (LEHN) chairs in the room than are seen at other events except for their own meetings – a fantastic turn out all round!

We heard some inspiring success stories, facilitated valuable discussions during our panel sessions about how things are tracking at the national and regional levels, and we reported on the findings of the UK Vision Strategy evaluation and how it can be taken forward.

There was a great spirit of collaboration in the room with everyone eager to work together to achieve common aims. It fills us with great confidence that through working together we’ll be able to achieve the EVS priorities and improve the lives of visually impaired people and those at risk of sight loss.

The EVS team is continuing the second round of regional events around the country, with six still to take place, including one taking place today. We are looking forward to getting out to the different regions and talking to more representatives from the Eye Health and Sight Loss sector, local authorities and NHS about how the EVS priorities are progressing in their areas and where more attention is needed.

On another note, last month I also went to Fran Hibbert’s leaving do. Fran has been the Chief Executive of Merton Vision since before the dawn of time! I am sad to see her leave but wish her all the best. We look forward to helping Merton Vision build on her vision in conjunction with plans we have across south west London and London as a whole.

With all of the travelling I do between meetings and events I have been lucky enough in the last month to have been reading quite the page turner to get me through. For a hilarious and insightful depiction of life for a visually impaired person, I highly recommend you read the autobiography of Mike Brace, a founding member of Metro and former Paralympic Cross Country skier among various other positions he holds, ‘Don’t ask me, ask the dog’. You can download it here.


Peter Corbett

Chief Executive