February has been another busy month in the Pocklington Family and I got a chance to hear more about our efforts and successes this week at our staff conference.

This was only our second all staff conference but I find them truly valuable and we now plan to hold them at least twice a year. New for this year was a section dedicated to sharing examples of how our work across the Pocklington Family  has been delivering positive change for people with sight loss. We heard a number of case studies outlining how the services we provide, and support, have had a positive impact on an individual’s life. This was a really inspiring part of the day and reinforces the message that people with sight loss are at the heart of everything we do.

I also took the opportunity to talk about our new strategy and to reaffirm our vison or principal ambition – which is to work towards a world in which people with sight loss can participate fully. In a nutshell, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of helping more people than we have in the past – we want to count the number of people who benefit from our work in the thousands not hundreds and our strategy sets out how we intend to achieve this ambitious goal in the ever changing world in which we operate.

We plan to work right across the Eye Health and Sight Loss Pathway with partner organisations where appropriate, to influence, shape and sometimes deliver directly, activities that enable those living with sight loss to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

I will share our continuing progress through my blogs – you will also find out more about how we work via new guest blogs which will feature on our new website which we will be launching within a matter of weeks!

Peter Corbett
Chief Executive