I am very pleased to welcome two new Trustees to the Thomas Pocklington Trust board! Marsha de Cordova, MP for Battersea, and Graham Findlay, Chief Executive of North East Sensory Services in Scotland, have joined our Board of Trustees today. We are grateful to them both for their time and wealth of knowledge.

It is wonderful that Marsha has joined our board after stepping down as Director of Engagement & Advocacy at TPT when she was elected to represent Battersea last month. I would like to congratulate Marsha again on her election. I know that she will be a great voice for her constituents, and also for visually impaired people. Marsha, who is visually impaired, joined TPT three years ago to set up South East London Vision. Last year she moved over to become TPT’s Director of Engagement & Advocacy, through which she has been advocating for the needs of blind and partially sighted people.

We are also very lucky to have Graham joining the board. Graham, who is also visually impaired, used to be a welder before he had to give it up when his sight got too bad. He retrained as a social worker and then went to work for North East Sensory Services, where he has been Chief Executive for nine years. His sight loss journey is one many people could relate to and I know his experience will be a great guide for us.Marsha de Cordova speaking at the London Vision Working Age Forum

On another note, I am sorry that I missed the London Vision Working Age Forum last Thursday night (29th July). I have heard that it was a wonderful event where attendees were lucky to hear from Marsha and TPT Technology Manager Chris Jenkins. I was unable to attend as I was taking my friend Barbara, who is blind, to the Royal Albert Hall to see Gladys Knight, who was incredible.

We’re really looking forward to hearing and sharing further details about both Vision UK and London Vision, led by their new Chief Executives, Keith Valentine and Cathy Low, respectively, in the coming months. We’re excited to hear more about their future plans!

Finally, I’m really looking forward to our Staff Conference activities next week – especially judging the Bake Off competition!


Peter Corbett

Chief Executive