This month I’d like to highlight two individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently, and hope to do a lot of work with in the future, and the work they have been doing. Last week I attended the first week of the Eyes for Success cookery course. The course was organised by Ramona Williams, who is visually impaired herself, who did a great job of organising it and getting eight people with a range of different eye conditions and cooking abilities to produce vegetable soup and oatmeal cookies to a very impressive standard from scratch. I have to confess that beforehand I was a bit apprehensive about the many things that could possibly have gone wrong but I’m delighted to say that none of them did!

Ramona has also recently designed a special buggy with motion sensors that help visually impaired parents to navigate in busy places. You can watch a video demonstration of the smart baby buggy here. Ramona has been working on this prototype with students from Imperial College and hopefully this idea will take off and help a lot of people!

Dan Williams, the founder of Visualise Training & Consultancy, was the guest speaker at the latest London Working Age Forum event at the Pocklington Hub last week. He’s an inspirational speaker who talks very openly about his own experiences and the difficulties of coming to terms with life as a visually impaired young person. As much as I enjoyed the stories about misspent early adulthood, the truly motivating part is how he has turned his life around, and how through resilience and sheer determination he has built an impressive business for himself.

I’m delighted to say that Pocklington is supporting Dan in one of his forthcoming activities which is a series of CET accredited workshops to help optometrists and opticians around the country to have a better understanding of visual impairment.

Moving forward, travel is going to be a big theme for me in May! I’m greatly looking forward to my holiday in New York to visit my daughter. When I get back I have planned trips to meet sight loss sector colleagues in Taunton and Aberdeen, not quite Lands End to John O’ Groats, like Julian Jackson is doing for the Big Blind Walk, but it’s not bad for me!


Chief Executive

Peter Corbett