Mock interviews

An excellent way to improve your confidence prior to an interview is to practice. If you have already used our preparing for interviews resource and you feel like you want to put what you have learnt into practice, then a mock interview with the TPT employment team is the perfect next step.


We have experience – All members of the TPT employment team have been through the interview process, both for jobs we have applied for and when recruiting for roles. We know what makes a good interview and what is guaranteed to fail at interview, and we will use all this experience to make you the best interviewee you can be.


We give constructive and honest feedback – We know that feedback following interviews is hit and miss, people don’t like to be honest and most of the time will give feedback which is not always the most helpful or constructive. We know that this doesn’t work, so our feedback will be honest, we will highlight how you could improve and provide constructive guidance on making those improvements. We also love giving positive feedback so don’t worry, we will always let you know what you are doing well!


We get results – People who have received a mock interview from us are more prepared for the real event and we are proud that we have helped a number of blind and partially sighted people into work as a result of working with us to improve their interview technique. Whether it has been one interview or three we are confident that we can help you to be turning up for any interviews well prepared and confident.

How does it work?

We carry out all of our mock interviews on the telephone or via online video conferencing, if you have never used a video conference platform before don’t worry as we can provide guidance and also spend time with you to get set up.

How do I arrange a mock interview?

If you have an invite to interview and would like some practice before the day, please send us an email:

Please let us know when the interview is and attach a copy of the job description and copy of your CV/Application for the role.

Please note: We will always try and accommodate requests for mock interviews before the actual interview date, but this might not always be possible, but we will always endevour to provide this where possible.

You do not need to have been offered an interview to take advantage of this offer though. If you feel you would benefit from developing your interview skills, please send us an email to: along with three jobs you feel match your skills and experience and a copy of your most recent CV and/or a recent application form you have completed. We will then arrange a time to carry out the mock interview.

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