Tips for interviewing

As the phrase goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. The below resources will make sure you aren’t kicking yourself at the end of the interview due to lack of preparation.

Preparing for interview questions

It is important that you plan how you structure your answers. The employment team have sat on countless interview panels and seen lots of candidates who have not structured their answers and this always leads to a poor interview. The STAR interview method in the link below is tried and tested and shown to work.

STAR Interview response technique.

Tell me about yourself

A common question to start any interview. Most people dislike this question and don’t plan for it. This video gives you some ideas to give a good response.


Overcoming interview nerves

Nerves are normal but can get the better of you. The link below explains some good habits to get into for any future interviews.

Preparation tasks

Below are two tasks key to nailing your interview prep.

  • Prepare your examples: using the star method go through the person specification and think of examples to demonstrate each competency that they are looking for. Write down your answers and get confident with them.
  • Interview yourself: write some practice interview questions and record yourself answering them. Play them back and think about what was good about them and what you could improve.

Consider the following

  • Tone of voice – do you sound positive, engaged, enthusiastic about what you are talking about?
    Structure – Do you have a good structure, are you answering the question, are you going off on a tangent? Is your example relevant.
  • Confidence – Do you sound confident talking about your previous work, does it reflect your skills and experience.
  • Using “I” – are you talking in the first person, do you say what you did on a project. A recruiter isn’t interested in what your team did so make sure you concentrate on the “I” not the “we”


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