Daniel Dracott: Being recognised for your skills

“My team don’t treat me any differently because of my disability, they look at what I bring to the work.”

Over the last 12 years, Daniel Dracott has worked his way up from starting as a graduate to his current role as Solutions Architect at software company CoreFiling.

We caught up Daniel to find out about his role, the adjustments that he needs and how supportive his company has been.

Since graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Southampton, Daniel, 34 has worked at CoreFiling.   CoreFiling is a software and services company helping financial institutions with business reporting and data modelling.

He explains: “My current role is Solutions Architect. I do the technical planning and impacting for projects and perform technical leadership of projects. I make sure the work produced meets the needs of our clients.


“I used to be responsible for just getting the work done. Now I’m responsible for the technical leadership part of the role. It is about defining what the work is and ensuring it gets done.”


Daniel is severely sight impaired with Nystagmus, Cataracts, Keratoconus and Congenital Stationary Night Blindness but is able to work with only a few adjustments. Daniel was taught at school to touch type and has always been computer savvy. These have proved invaluable skills in his career.

At work he just uses enlarged text and high contrast settings for colour.  He said: “This is particularly useful when using planning tools and spreadsheets. It is easier for me to read in this format.  My colleagues will think ahead and send work to me in this format.”

Daniel has always been self-sufficient and needs little help at work but if he needs any adjustments to his working set-up, the company are always accommodating.

He said: “In my office there is an element of pair programming – where two people work together on the same screen. Whoever I am paired with will always work at my machine so I can use the adjustments I need.


“There are around 12 people in my team. They don’t treat me any differently because of my disability, they look at what I bring to the work.


Having been very successful in his role, Daniel can see himself staying at the company for foreseeable future. He said: “I have always found the company both accommodating and interesting.”

Daniel’s manager Nicolas praised his continuous hard work for the company.

“We all need the right working environment to perform to the best of our ability and like everybody, Daniel has his own unique set of requirements for exactly what this entails.  Our role is simply to provide what he needs so he can perform to his best.  Daniel is dedicated and passionate and we’re proud to have him in the team.”


When asked what advice he had for blind or partially sighted people looking for a job, he said: “Employers care about getting the job done. If you can do the work, even if it requires some adaption, many employers will consider hiring you.”

In his spare time Daniel likes listening to science fiction and fantasy audio books and travelling.

For the past few years, he has travelled with Traveleyes – a company that pairs up blind and partially sighted people, and fully sighted people on trips. He has visited Iceland, Japan, Romania and India, amongst other places.

Daniel’s vision impairment hasn’t prevented him from travelling the world, having an interesting and enjoyable career and being recognised for the contribution he brings to the company.


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