Webinar: Andy lays bare the secrets of a successful career

Martin Sigsworth, our Senior Employment Manager was in conversation with Andy Bear from Lockton, one of TPT’s corporate supporters on 3rd June.

If you missed the webinar or want to catch it again, watch the live recording below:

Blind since the age of 11, Martin has worked for TPT’s employment team for the last five years helping blind and partially sighted people achieve their career goals.  But before joining TPT he worked in television for companies like channel 4, IMG media and MTV Europe.  He also spent time working in the recruitment industry and has seen first-hand how competitive the labour market is.  He knows what makes a good and bad candidate for recruiters and what can give people the competitive edge when applying for roles.

Andy didn’t have a conventional start to his career. From bumming around beaches in Devon, dropping out of university and failing the eye test to get into the Police Force, Andy Bear is now a key Strategic Account Manager at Lockton – the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage.   He has faced major challenges during his career including numerous mergers and take-overs, changes of bosses, changes to roles, resigning after 25 years with a firm because his MD saw the world just too differently from him and then being made redundant at 47 years old. Find out how he weathered these storms and get some tips on how you can progress your career.

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About Lockton

Lockton Companies Inc. is the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, providing insurance, risk management, employee benefits and retirement services.  Lockton Companies in London is the headquarters for Lockton UK. It also has offices in Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Finchley, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Lockton has supported Thomas Pocklington Trust in various ways over the last few years. Employment workshops at Lockton were attended by blind and partially sighted people from all over the UK and included information on what employers are looking for and details of its own recruitment processes. It has also provided shadowing opportunities, hosted mock interviews, gave CV feedback for visually impaired candidates and ran sessions on what makes a good CV and application form.


Twitter: @LocktonUK

Facebook: @LocktonCompanies

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/lockton-uk 

Inspired by Lockton?

Corporate organisations can get involved in TPT’s work in various ways from sharing expertise and skills to sighted guiding. If any other employers would like to make a positive difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people and join our corporate volunteer programme please contact us volunteering@pocklington-trust.org.uk

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