Public Affairs and Campaigns

We work together with blind and partially sighted people on campaigns to change their experience of the world. Working with our Sight Loss Councils, we’re here to help blind and partially sighted people speak up and be heard on the issues that matter most in their lives.

We run national campaigns and work with other organisations and partners to make the world a better place for people living with a visual impairment. Together we campaign for better services, equal access and different attitudes.

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Make Sport Accessible

The greatest barrier to blind and partially sighted people participating in sport is confidence.  Knowing that a leisure provider understands their needs, helps increase confidence and makes visually impaired people more likely to choose that place to do exercise.  UK Coaching and Thomas Pocklington Trust have  created a free training resource for gym and leisure operators to support people with a visual impairment and Make Sport Accessible.

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Sight Loss Councils

We fund and support a network of Sight Loss Councils across England, through our regional Engagement Managers. The councils, made up of volunteers who are all blind and partially sighted, tackle local issues in priority areas including inclusive communities, health and wellbeing, and education and skills. They make a positive impact for blind and partially sighted people in their areas.

Find out more about our Sight Loss Councils and their local campaigning and engagement work.

Sight Loss Councils website


Student support

We are passionate about ensuring blind and partially sighted students have equal access to education.

We work with sector partners to lobby Government, decision makers, and bodies with responsibility for post 11 education to ensure that the needs and rights of blind and partially sighted students are recognised.

Find out more on our policy and campaigning work for students 


Young Voices

Our Young Voices group is made up of young people aged between 14-18 who meet monthly to discuss the issues blind and partially sighted young people face. This feeds into activity to forge positive local change.

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Student Voices

Our Student Voices is a consultative forum made up of students aged 16+ with lived experience of vision impairment who advocate for, and make a positive difference to the lives of, blind and partially sighted students across the country.

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