Make Sport Accessible

UK Coaching and Thomas Pocklington Trust have created a training resource for gym and leisure operators to make sport accessible for people with a visual impairment.

The greatest barrier to blind and partially sighted people participating in sport is confidence*.  Knowing that a leisure provider understands their needs helps increase confidence and makes visually impaired people more likely to choose that place to do exercise.

Tara Dillon, CEO at the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), said: “It’s good to see the sight loss and physical activity sectors working together to upskill the workforce. This toolkit will provide valuable support to leisure operators. I would encourage them to use the free resource to help blind and partially sighted people have equal access to sport and physical activity.”


Train your team

We are asking leisure operators to encourage all their staff – from the front desk to their personal trainers – to get engaged with this FREE training and make sport accessible in their venues.

Inclusive facilities: Supporting people with a visual impairment


The toolkit contains videos and resources, leisure operators can use to help train staff and is split into:

  • What is a visual impairment?
  • What makes an accessible environment?
  • Guiding and communicating
  • The benefits of an accessible environment


Small adjustments to facilities can make a huge difference for people with a visual impairment to access sport and become more active.


Making sports and leisure venues more accessible

Watch UK Coaching’s video below which features leisure centre staff and visually impaired people talking about the benefits of  improving accessibility in sports and leisure venues.

You can download the transcript for the video here.


Contact your local sports and leisure providers

Please contact your local leisure operators to tell them about this free portal, encourage them to train all their staff and make sport accessible in their venues.  We have created a suggested email / letter you could adapt and send or you could pen your own, call or contact them via social media or let them know in person.

Thank you for helping us to make sport accessible for all.




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UK Coaching supports the nations’ three million coaches by delivering best practice, training, research and industry standards across sports, communities and national governing bodies of sport.

* Sight Loss Council research 2021


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