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Our Make Health Accessible campaign

With our Sight Loss Councils, we have been campaigning to make vital health information more accessible for blind and partially sighted people.

The NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS) was introduced five years ago but many blind and partially sighted people still don’t get appointment letters and information about medication and treatments in a format they can independently read, such as large print, braille, digital or audio.

The Sight Loss Council’s #MakeHealthAccessible campaign includes:

  • New research showing as many as 90% of visually impaired people don’t get health information in a format they can read
  • A Freedom of Information Act request to local NHS bodies showing how mixed the implementation of accessible health information really is
  • Working to get NHS England and local NHS Trusts to take action to deliver the accessible medical information blind and partially people need.

Our campaign on the AIS, in conjunction with others, has successfully raised this issue with NHS England, which has now agreed to conduct a review. But our work doesn’t stop here!

We have launched a petition to demand the AIS review adopts measures that will ensure the AIS is both sustained and enforced – meaning blind and partially sighted people will finally have access to the healthcare information they need.

You can add your voice by signing our petition below, which only take a few seconds.

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