National Disability Strategy

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Our National Disability Strategy campaign

The government’s new National Disability Strategy  was published in July 2021.

In the strategy the government sets out the immediate actions it plans to take to improve the lives of disabled people alongside longer-term objectives for policy making.

The strategy runs to more than 120 pages so we have produced a summary of the key pledges that most affect blind and partially sighted people.

Read the National Disability Strategy Headlines

A range of issues that TPT and our Sight Loss Councils have been campaigning on are covered in the strategy including accessible streets, transport, support for employment and access to education.

We welcome the publication of the National Disability Strategy. The case for a cross-government approach to supporting and improving the lives of disabled people has long been clear.

The government must now get on and deliver action to give effect to their ambition. We will be working closely with government departments and other disabled people’s organisations to ensure the voice of blind and partially sighted people is heard throughout the implementation of the strategy.


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