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Most sports and games can be adjusted to be made accessible to people with sight loss, and there are many organisations that make it easy to get involved.

Runners can run with a guide to assist with directions, while cyclists can ride tandem with a sighted person to steer the bike. Golfers get assistance to ensure their club head is positioned behind the ball before they swing, and ball games like cricket and football can be played with audible balls. There are even sports that were invented specifically for blind or partially sighted people, such as goalball.

For more details on how to take up sport as a blind or partially sighted person, visit British Blind Sport.

Games are also quite simple to adapt for a blind or partially sighted person. There are Braille versions of decks of cards and board games like Scrabble and Monopoly, and chess, checkers and Backgammon boards can be made tactile too. Yahtzee and other dice games are easy if you use dice with dots that you can feel and count. Not all games have to be made especially for the blind. As for computer games, Spoonbill Software produces computer games that can be played by blind and sighted individuals together. These games are freely distributed on request. Visit the Spoonbill website to find out more.

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