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Most articles of clothing will have at least one distinct element that will allow a blind or partially sighted person to identify them by touch. Different buttons, bows, belts, pockets and textures will usually help you identify that red shirt from the blue one, and the grey trousers that go with it.

This method can be problematic when faced with choosing items that feel exactly the same – like ties – so some people like to mark their clothes in a special way to tell them apart. This can be as simple as attaching a safety pin to the lining, sewing in a Braille label, or using colour identifiers. You could also make a list of the suits, shirts, ties, and other clothes that feel alike and match them with each other using Braille numbers and letters attached to each piece of clothing.

When out shopping for clothing, ask the staff to describe the item(s) so you can learn how they look and how they feel so you’ll know exactly how they fit in your wardrobe.

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