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There are many ways for a blind or partially sighted person to get from point A to point B and beyond.

Many people with sight loss use white canes when walking to help them locate steps, curbs, streets, driveways, doorways or any obstacles in their path. There are three types of white canes:

  • Symbol cane: A symbol cane is used to let others know that you have a visual impairment. These are held, rather than used to find obstacles in your path, and are particularly useful in crowded public places.
  • Guide cane: A guide cane is held diagonally across the body to help you find obstacles such as kerbs and steps.
  • Long cane: A long cane extends to about two steps ahead of your feet as you walk to help you find your way and avoid obstacles. People who have been trained to use one usually roll or tap it from side to side.

Some blind people prefer to use a guide dog to get around. These dogs are specially trained to move around things, go through doorways, and stop at curbs and stairs. The blind person using the dog is always in charge and must tell the dog what to do.

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