Our corporate volunteers inspire us

From hosting CV training, providing shadowing opportunities and being physical guides to speaking at events, running workshops and even a blind kick about, our corporate volunteers have got involved and supported our work in a myriad of ways.


Charles Colquhoun, Chief Executive at Thomas Pocklington Trust, said: “We recognise the positive difference our corporate volunteers have made to the lives of blind and partially sighted people.  I want to thank each and every one of you! Your time, commitment and passion inspire us and we want to work with more organisations and volunteers like you as we move forward.”


To mark Volunteers’ Week we are sharing how these businesses have helped improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people within our core themes of Employment, Education and Engagement.



Staff from Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage, gave their time to provide employability advice and support to blind and partially sighted people.


This included training on CV writing, interview skills and mock interview practice. They hosted events for blind and partially sighted people to engage with employers and seek a new perspective.


Lockton opened its doors to give Anthony Johnson, a Thomas Pocklington Trust Intern, the opportunity to shadow its finance team and provide real life work experience.  Anthony said: “Not only did I learn a lot on finance in a large corporate organisation, but I saw how some of their streamlined processes could be implemented in my own role at TPT”.


It was also a positive experience for Lockton staff too. You can read more about Lockton and their experience of hosting a work shadowing opportunity on our website here.



Staff from Cognizant, a leading technology consultancy, gave their time to upskill TPT staff in Social Media so we could better connect with blind and partially sighted people.


It delivered a workshop on the use of technology to improve learning and development across the charity and helped us identify an accessible Learning Management System to support our national learning and development offer for staff and volunteers.



Our Sight Loss Council volunteers, which campaign and influence for positive change in their local areas, work closely with businesses and organisations on a myriad of projects.  Examples include working with retailers to improve accessibility and the Bridge the Gap employment event where businesses gave up their time and expertise to speak about their experiences and how blind and partially sighted people can progress their careers.


To learn more about these projects and Sight Loss Councils visit the website here


Barnett Waddingham, a professional services consultancy, worked with TPT and our partner organisation Metro Blind Sport. Volunteers from Barnett Waddingham challenged Metro’s blind and partially sighted football team to a match.  The volunteers spent part of the match wearing Sim Specs designed to simulate the effects of different eye conditions.  Although great opponents, Metro’s team were just that bit better than Barnett Waddingham volunteers.  Barnett Waddingham continue to work with Metro to raise funds for blind and partially sighted people who engage with physical activity.


Last November we trained volunteers from Syncreon, a logistics company based in Birmingham, as sighted guides.  One volunteer who had never considered the challenges blind and partially sighted people face, said: “The training was life changing”.  Syncreon volunteers went on to provide sighted guide support to visually impaired delegates at the annual Visionary Conference and supported delegates to actively engage in the conference and build their networks.


Volunteers from Bank of America and Standard Chartered Bank received our visual awareness training and have reduced social isolation by supporting countless blind and partially sighted people to engage in events that promote learning and networking opportunities.  The feedback we received from both volunteers and blind and partially sighted people who received their support was inspiring.


Feeling inspired and want to get involved?

As you can see there are so many ways for businesses to get involved in our work.


And there are also real benefits to your business.  For example, we offer engaging and tailored vision awareness training to corporate volunteers and organisations.  With more than two million blind and partially sighted people in the UK, you could be missing out if your business is not accessible or your staff lack the awareness to provide the support visually impaired people may need to access your services.


By working with us, it’s a great way to provide a positive learning and development opportunity and create an inspirational story with the potential to build brand loyalty and increase your customer base.


We are in no doubt that the world has changed during the current crisis we face together.  As businesses plan their recovery and look to the future in a different way, Thomas Pocklington Trust is asking you to work with us to build a better future for blind and partially sighted people.


Be one of the next corporate volunteers who helps to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people and inspires us!  Contact our friendly volunteering team on volunteering@pocklington-trust.org.uk or give us a call on 020 89961937.


So, in summary, to mark Volunteers’ Week we would like to say a massive thank you to all our corporate volunteers whose energy, enthusiasm and expertise has been inspiring. 


You can learn more about how Thomas Pocklington Trust is saying thank you to all our volunteers on our website here

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