Trustees’ Week 2021

Becoming a trustee is an exciting opportunity to benefit society and really make a difference. It can be a hugely rewarding, important and exciting role.  Trustees not only give their time, skills and experience to a good cause, they can learn new and useful skills too.

During Trustees’ Week (1-5 November) we shared the stories of trustees both within and outside the sight loss sector and what’s involved in becoming a trustee.


What is a trustee and why should you consider being one?

How much do you know about trusteeships and why is greater representation of blind and partially sighted people important?

Read more in our blog.

In this video musician, entrepreneur and founder of the app Good Food Talks, Matt Wadsworth, talks about his background, career and being a trustee. He shares why he became a trustee at TPT, what he likes about it and advice to other blind and partially sighted people considering a trustee role.


Head and shoulders photo of Mervyn Williamson


“What I enjoy most about being a trustee of TPT is being part of a forward-thinking charity. Our board of trustees provides governance and leadership. We work as a team to meet and exceed our strategic objectives, providing tangible value to our beneficiaries.”

Mervyn Williamson, Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Chair of Trustees



Head and shoulders shot of Charles Colquhoun


“Our trustees bring a wealth of experience to provide the leadership and strategic direction to our organisation.  I would like to thank all of them for the contribution they make to the charity and therefore to the lives of blind and partially sighted people.”

Charles Colquhoun, Thomas Pocklington Trust’s CEO



Trustee Voices

Read the stories and advice from blind and partially sighted trustees who hold board positions both within and outside the sight loss sector

Trustee Voices

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