Volunteers’ Week 2020

For Volunteers’ Week 2020 we celebrated all of our amazing volunteers who campaign and influence change to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people across the country.

TPT’s Chief Executive Charles Colquhoun recorded a message to say thank you to all of our volunteers for their continuous hard work.

We hosted a series of events for our volunteers.  Thanks to everyone who got involved.

Tuesday 2nd June, 2–2.45pm: Have Your Say, hosted by Sight Loss Council

Wednesday 3rd June 2-2.45pm: Link Up Have Your Say and 5-6pm: In conversation with Andy Bear from Lockton (see details below)

Friday 5th June 7pm and 8.30pm: Virtual Quiz

In advance of volunteers’ Week we held a virtual meet and greet last week. Around 30 people joined us at the event, including Sight Loss Council members, event and Link Up volunteers.

Meet our Sight Loss Council volunteers

Meet Gloucestershire Sight Loss volunteer Gavin Higgins.

Meet Merseyside Sight Loss volunteer Matt Cliff.

Meet Greater Manchester Sight Loss volunteer Gary Tunney.

Meet Bristol Sight Loss volunteer Anela Wood.

Meet Lianne McKeon member of Birmingham Sight Loss Council.

Meet Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council member Ines Higgins.

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