Photo of 8 hands in a circle around the word GovernanceThomas Pocklington Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees which has ultimate responsibility for the overall control of the Charity. The Board’s primary function is to determine Pocklington’s vision and mission, set the strategic direction and ensure there are sufficient resources to implement the Charity’s objectives.

There are three sub-committees reporting to the Board which assist in managing and monitoring progress against each of Pocklington’s three strategic aims as follows:

  • ‘Understanding needs’ – Research and Policy Committee
  • ‘Meeting needs’ – Services Committee
  • ‘Managing our resources’ – Finance and Resources Committee

Research and Policy Committee

The Research and Policy Committee manages the development of key research work strands and oversees the dissemination of findings which will support the Pocklington Board of Trustees in its decision making and governance of the charity.

View the video with Jenny Pearce, Deputy Chair Trustee, on our Research work.

Services Committee

The Services Committee makes recommendations to the Pocklington Board of Trustees around its provision of existing and new services to visually impaired people, ensuring that these represent good value for money and that they do not duplicate those provided by other charities in the same areas.

Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee reviews and monitors the financial, physical and human resources of the Charity, ensuring that they are sufficient to meet the needs of the organisation and the services it provides, and making recommendations to the Pocklington Board of Trustees on progress and any necessary changes.