BASIS adapts services to support community

Having secured £10K from the Emergency Fund, Essex-based Blind and Sight Impaired Society (BASIS) adapted its befriending service from face-to-face to telephone to ensure its community of blind and partially sighted people retained contact.  The charity worked closely with social services and eye clinics to emotionally support those whose scheduled eye surgeries, injections and consultations were cancelled or delayed due to Covid 19.


It also used moved fitness classes online, so these could continue, and to deliver hot meals to those shielding or unable to shop for themselves.  The charity formed a partnership with a local store, Cook, which wanted to donate hot meals to local charities. BASIS identified several of its members who were either shielding or didn’t have family to support them to get food shopping. Staff and volunteers collected the meal donations and distributed them to 30 homes of local visually impaired people.


Michelle Thomson from BASIS said: “Our visually impaired members, their families and carers have reported how reassuring it has been knowing we have remained open throughout the pandemic to answer the phone and offer practical help.

“The grant from Thomas Pocklington Trust enabled us to do this.”


For more information on the Blind and Sight Impaired Society  visit:

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