Funding for databases helps streamline three sight loss charities

Funding from Thomas Pocklington Trust has helped three sight loss charities across the country revolutionise the way they store, manage and migrate data from their volunteers, clients and donors.

Moorvision, Middlesex Association for the Blind (MAB) and VocalEyes were all successful in securing grants to introduce data management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

These databases enable the systemised collection of data for organisations to store, access, update and organise information, such as users’ personal information or contact details. Advanced database systems offer accuracy and security of data, protecting organisations against potential data breaches or loss of information due to software or machinery failures.

VocalEyes is in the process of identifying a system that would work best for it but both Moorvision and MAB introduced the Charity Log data management system. This has helped them transform their internal operational and management processes and streamlined how they work with volunteers and donors from across the country.

Laura Hughes, Executive Director at Moorvision said: “Moorvision is hugely grateful to Thomas Pocklington Trust for this grant that enabled us, a small but rapidly growing charity, to migrate our database from Excel to Charity Log.

“The grant enabled the set-up of the database to be professionally completed, the data to be migrated and our staff to be fully trained on using the new system. The benefits have been immediate and have already resulted in huge improvements in our working practices.  This is enabling us to deliver more tailored services and evaluate our work in more detail.”


Sahib Singh, CEO of MAB, said: “The grant has enabled us to transform our internal systems.  We were able to purchase a new Client Management System, which is much more fit for purpose and more efficient than our previous one.

“The time that we are saving on admin enables us to spend more time with our clients.”


The set-up of the system for both organisations and transferring the data was the first and most challenging task.  Feedback from staff helped identify issues and resolve them quickly. The staff were trained to use Charity Log and the process of migration and management of data.

The new system allows users to access vital information very quickly, and run reports on take-up of service by filters, such as age, area, eye condition etc. It also allows multiple users to log in and edit data at the same time, from any device and any location.

As both organisations grow, both on a local and national level, the new data management system will save time on managing logistics, allowing them to communicate better with their clients and fundraisers and focus on bigger projects on the ground.


About Moorvision

Moorvision offers information, advice, support, activities and shared experiences for families of children and young people with vision impairment (including those with additional needs) aged 0-25 years, and for parent/carers with vision impairment in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

Welcome | Moorvision


About the Middlesex Association for the Blind (MAB)

The Middlesex Association for the Blind was initially founded to assist war veterans who returned to Britain after having lost their sight in the first world war.  Over the decades, MAB has grown to become an organisation that supports anyone who is suffering from any degree of sight loss.



About VocalEyes

VocalEyes is a national charity, based in London, with a mission to provide blind and visually impaired people with the best possible opportunities to experience and enjoy art and heritage.

VocalEyes – Opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to experience and enjoy art and heritage

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