MySight York delivers ‘lifeline’ to tackle Covid isolation

MySight York used the £10K grant from the Emergency Fund to launch its ‘Keeping in Touch’ telephone service. It also developed a ‘Home Connections’ service to provide a doorstep delivery service of equipment.


The charity surveyed clients from its ‘Keeping in Touch’ service and found 96% said the calls had helped to reduce their feelings of isolation.  89% want to continue KIT calls even after Covid-19 restrictions are eased.  Comments from service users include:

“It’s been a lifeline. It’s been a difficult time. I think I might have disappeared into a black hole if I hadn’t been able to keep in touch with people.”

“It’s eased my anxiety. Nice to talk to someone other than family as you do not always want to worry them.”

“Made me feel part of something that they were looking out for me. It’s just good to know there is someone I can turn to for help.”


The charity also saw an increase in volunteers to help deliver its services with 95% of volunteers agreeing it made them feel they were making a real difference to people’s lives.


In just six months its ‘Home Connections’ service delivered 193 pieces of low vision equipment to 76 clients including lighting, magnifiers, clocks and watches, pens and large print stationery, telephones, audio equipment, sunglasses and over-shields.


Mike Hickman, Income Generation Manager for MySight York, said: “The support from the Emergency Fund, alongside other support so generously provided by other funders across the crisis, has enabled us to launch new services that have made a very real impact on individuals with sight loss, particularly the social isolation that was exacerbated by necessary government requirements to isolate during the periods of lockdown.”


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