Online training tool helps people make best use of remaining vision

Funding from Thomas Pocklington Trust has enabled the Macular Society to launch new online training that will help people with macular disease make the best use of their remaining vision.

Eccentric Viewing (EV) is a technique which can help people with central vision loss use parts of their vision which remain unaffected.

The new online training will help people with macular disease continue to read and see the faces of their loved ones, by teaching them to use their remaining vision.

Cathy Low, Director of Partnerships at Thomas Pocklington Trust, said: “We were delighted to support this project which can make a real difference in the lives of many partially sighted people. The response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive as it teaches people how to see things in a different way and make better use of peripheral vision.”


Hannah Keegan, Macular Society programme manager, said: “Using eccentric viewing can be a real confidence booster for people and can help them understand their vision better.”

The Macular Society will be hosting an online event on Thursday 30 June at 6.30 pm for people to learn more about the EV training.


Read more about the training tool and sign up for the session


Featured image: Jacky Chapman

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