Housing Guide for People with Sight Loss


This online guide aims to share information for visually impaired people who are looking for a new home, seeking to live independently for the first time or experiencing problems in their current accommodation.  It will share personal experiences from visually impaired people who have different life circumstances, provide useful suggestions, and signpost to sources for further advice.

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Guide authors Imogen Blood, Dianne Theakstone and Ian Copeman


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What is the current situation?

At present, disabled people in England have to navigate many hurdles when it comes to housing. Recently, there has been the publication of much research into the lived experiences of disabled people and housing. You may find the following reports useful to read in order to gain insight into some of the challenges and solutions related to disabled people and their missions to find suitable places to live.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC): ‘Housing and Disabled People: Britain’s Hidden Housing Crisis’

The EHRC have produced reports specific to Great Britain, Wales and Scotland, which reveal that there are significant shortages in accessible homes and that many disabled people are not getting adequate support to be able to live independently.

There is a resource available from the EHRC which sets out your housing rights and responsibilities, as well as top tips to do with social housing, private rental accommodation and adapting your home. There are English, Scottish and Welsh versions of the guide. To access it, please click here.

In 2017 the Scottish Commission for Leaning Disability (SCLD) published a new report highlighting the experiences of housing that people with learning disabilities have in Scotland. The report shows that housing plays an important role in helping people with learning disabilities live well, but also finds that they are not always supported to understand or be involved in their housing and support journeys.

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability: ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Housing’

This is a Scottish publication which researches the housing need of people who use wheelchairs. It finds that 1 in 4 wheelchair users in Scotland say that they do have a suitable home. This unmet need is set to increase to 80% by 2024, as there is a sharp rise in the number of wheelchair users projected according to current health trends.

Horizon Housing- ‘Still Minding the Step?’

These publications indicate that there are barriers facing disabled people in terms of housing, and their journey to find suitable housing may be long and complex. We hope that this guide will be useful in providing information to help disabled people better understand the process and signpost to helpful sources of advice. Reading these pieces of research may also inspire you to become involved in decisions which affect your housing, and campaign for the change you want to see. There is a section in this guide called ‘How to get involved with decisions which affect your housing’, which you may want to refer to.