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I am homeless or facing homelessness/eviction

If you are legally homeless or threatened with homelessness, your local council’s homelessness team should be able to help. They should be able to provide temporary accommodation and help you apply for settled housing or assistance to resolve a housing issue.  You will be viewed as homeless if you have no home in the UK or elsewhere in the world. This does not mean that you need to be sleeping on the streets.
Common circumstances that make people homeless include:

  • Social or private tenant facing eviction;
  • Home-owner facing repossession by the mortgage lender;
  • Experiencing violent abuse or harassment; or
  • Condition of the property is damaging the health of the household.

Your rights are slightly different depending on whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales. For example, in England, if you do not have children with you, you will need to show that you are ‘in priority need’. Having a significant visual impairment should mean that you qualify, but you will need to explain this within your application and be clear about how this would put you at more risk as a homeless person than someone who does not have a visual impairment.

It is always worth talking to an advisor outside of the council about your situation too and doing this, if you can, before the situation deteriorates to a crisis. There are links below to some organisations across the UK that should be able to assist.


Shelter provides an online search tool to find your nearest homelessness advisor.  It requires a postcode or local authority name:



This link to Shelter Cymru provides advice on different aspects of homelessness:


Northern Ireland

A directory of housing advice agencies can be found at the following link:


There is also a Citizens Advice in Northern Ireland.  The following link is to their online search for your nearest bureau:



Shelter Scotland provides advice on homelessness or if threatened with homelessness.  The link below is for their webpage on information for disabled people.  Some of this you may find useful as a starting point:


Citizens Advice in Scotland also has an online search tool for your nearest bureau:


England and Wales

Citizens Advice have an online search tool to locate your nearest advisor:



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