On International Volunteer Day 2018, we reflect on recent successes with corporate volunteering events, and the fantastic support of all our corporate partners.

Image shows from TPT corporate volunteers and London Vision South East members at Buckingham Palace.

[Corporate volunteers and London Vision South East members at Buckingham Palace.]

International Volunteer Day celebrates the power and potential of volunteering. For us, the day is an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of our volunteers and promote volunteering across sight loss organisations.

Head of Volunteering, Rachel Wilkinson, said:

“In the coming year we aim to expand our volunteering initiatives across the country. Corporate volunteering will be a key part of our volunteering offer.

“We want to build on past successes, such as the partnership with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML). Through volunteering with TPT, corporates like BAML can really help make a difference to the lives of people with sight loss.”

Since BAML has supported TPT, 50 of their staff have become volunteers and have received vision awareness and sighted guide training.

The volunteers were trained by Kirsty Palmer, Volunteering Development Manager, who commented:

“Thanks to the fantastic BAML volunteers, we’ve been able to organise events like the recent visit to Buckingham Palace with our partners London Vision South East.”

“One of the BAML volunteers has recently given 50 hours of volunteering, which is incredible! We often find businesses and banks are very keen to get involved with events and activities that support charities. We want to maximise this and take the way we work with corporate organisations into new directions in 2019.”

We aim to continue supporting blind and partially sighted people through our volunteering initiatives. If you’re from a company or business who would like to explore the possibilities of volunteering with people with sight loss, then please get in touch with Kirsty at volunteering@pocklington-trust.org.uk.