iPad accessibility scheme of work for pupils with vision impairment

Thomas Pocklington Trust is pleased to have supported the development of the iPad accessibility project. The project is aimed at qualified teachers of the vision impaired (QTVI).

The aim of this scheme  is to provide one central resource for teachers, professionals, and parents to teach children and young people with a vision impairment the core skills of using an iPad.

We worked with QTVIs from Gateshead, Portsmouth, Barnet and Manchester, meeting virtually to share  their knowledge and expertise.

The materials are broken down into sections which look at the learners’ knowledge and ability to perform set tasks, and how they want to use the equipment and what their outcomes are.


Go to Gateshead Council’s website to download the guide


These resources have been created to support the Specialist VI curriculum project which is being delivered by RNIB, VIEW, VICTAR and TPT.

If you require further information on technology and accessibility go to Vital Tech or revisit our Education technology webinar.

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