Hubert, 78, has been a dedicated volunteer with Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Link Up service for more than three years. Hubert had been his wife’s carer and after she sadly passed away he wanted to continue helping people where there was need. He has previously done volunteer work, first back in 1966 at the Football World Cup.

When Hubert started volunteering with us he was only supporting people on a one-to-one basis but he now also helps out at our group activities across London. Hubert has supported people on a range of outings, including a tandem ride on the streets of south London which was his volunteering highlight so far. When asked how he made a difference, he said “I hope I do by helping people with sight loss or impaired vision to go places which they find difficult to go by themselves and commenting on the surroundings and whatever we are doing”.

“I would just like to say, that I get great satisfaction for myself by meeting people and doing things which I normally might not do. They are doing as much for me as I might do for them,” Hubert says of his volunteering experiences.

Hubert was named the 2017 Thomas Pocklington Trust Link Up Volunteer of the Year.

To find out how you can become a Link Up Volunteer and help make a difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.