Saqib Hussain, 41, has always enjoyed taking part in sport. When he relocated to Birmingham, leaving behind his family and friends, he wanted to find out what sports were available to a visually impaired person in the city. By attending social groups organised by our associated charity Birmingham Vision, which are run by staff and volunteers, Saqib found out about the variety of other services the charity offers, including a wide range of sport and recreational opportunities.

Birmingham Vision’s Sports Participation Co-ordinator Luke Hedley informed Saqib about the sports available to him and supported him in joining clubs of sports he enjoyed or had an interest in trying out. Saqib now regularly takes part in a wide range of sports including cricket, kickboxing and football, all of which are run or supported by volunteers, and has improved his skills in all of them.

Taking part in sport has also enabled Saqib to improve his fitness and has been a way for him to meet new people. “Sport enables me to fulfil my hobbies. Before my weeks were filled with a whole lot of nothing and now I am playing sport on most nights,” Saqib said.

To find out how you can become a volunteer and help make a difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.