“Those who can, do.  Those who can do more, Volunteer” Anon.


"Thank you to all of our volunteers who generously give up their time to support the Charity to deliver the different elements of our strategy, we are extremely grateful for all that you do."

Mervyn Williamson, Chair of Trustees


"I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all our volunteers for everything they’ve done. They help us to achieve so much more than we could on our own."

Charles Colquhoun, Chief Executive Officer


"A massive thank you to each and every one of our volunteers who give up their time to support blind and partially sighted people to live the life they want to lead. In particular I’d like to say thank you to all our volunteers who deliver the Link Up service and are involved in our Sight Loss Councils around the country – you making a huge difference, thank you!"

Emma Hughes, Director of Services


"Thank you to all of our fabulous volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without you and it’s been great to see our volunteer supported services going from strength to strength over the last year or so."

Alison Oliver, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Projects


"Volunteers make charities amazing and we at TPT are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers who give up so much of their time and energy to help us in our mission to enable people who are blind and partially sighted lead the lives they want to lead. From our Sight Loss Council volunteers who are creating such impactful change in their local communities, to Link Up Volunteers who are enabling blind and partially sighted get out and about and enjoy their favourite shows, events and hobbies, to our Events Volunteers to help us to make sure our events run smoothly; you are all wonderful and we couldn’t do what we do without you! A massive thanks from us!"

"Recognition also for all the Corporate Volunteers who have supported our events as sighted guides, put on social activities and workshops for blind and partially sighted people and facilitated workshops for TPT staff. Your continued support means so much. Thank you."

Rachel Wilkinson, Head of Engagement and Volunteering


"I’d like to thank all our amazing volunteers for the enthusiasm, passion and commitment you demonstrate each and every time you volunteer with Thomas Pocklington Trust.  I am especially impressed by the way you have responded to the C19 crisis.  Your support is both incredibly humbling and inspirational and truly makes a positive difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people. Thank you!"

Kirsty Palmer, Volunteering Development Manager


"I would like to thank the Merseyside Sight Loss Council volunteers in particular, this Volunteers Week. Their help at what was a very busy VI Forum event was much appreciated. And thinking back to the Merseyside Bridge the Gap event in February, I was very grateful to Mick Spriggs for helping when I facilitated a rather difficult workshop. Positive, friendly, and professional – I recall Mick being a great help on the day… Thank you all!"

Steve Moffat, Volunteering Development Manager


"Our volunteers amaze me on a daily basis. Their passion and determination to make a difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people in their area is phenomenal and often goes unnoticed. 

We should never underestimate their talents and abilities in driving through positive change. They ensure the voice of their BPS communities is not only heard but is respected and acted upon.

Thank you for everything you do. It’s a genuine privilege to know and work with you."

Iain Mitchell, Engagement Manager (North West)


"Thank you for all the vital work that you do for us that has made a difference locally but crucially nationally as well, we couldn’t achieve what we do without all your input and amazing determination to make a difference."

Alex Wallis, Volunteering Communications and Events Intern


Thank you for your time, your energy, your passion and your support. Thank you for being a voice for blind and partially sighted people, like my daughter, my Mum and me.

Shirley Stansfield, HR Manager


"Whoever you are and whatever you do in your capacity as a volunteer with TPT just to say a MASSIVE THANKS to you all for giving of your time and energy so generously. We know it makes a big difference and want you to know it too!!"

Gareth Brydon, Children Young People & Families Manager


"Thank you for giving your time so generously to be our volunteer, it’s much appreciated."

Wahida Hassanali, Payroll Officer


"Whatever your reasons for volunteering, I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU! To our volunteers doing Link Up, the time you give has enabled many of our services users the chance to access social activities that has enriched their lives and reduced isolation!"

Kechi Petruzzelli, Volunteer Coordinator


"Many thanks to our fabulous volunteers, through your dedication and support, you really do make a difference to people’s lives. I started my career as a volunteer and gained a great deal of experience and had fun as well. I hope your volunteering experience is as enjoyable! Thanks for being so amazing!"

Emma Cruickshank, Head of Children, Young People and Families


"From my experience of working as part of the SLC team and with the SLC volunteers. I would like to say a great big thank you to all the volunteers for the very hard and amazing work you all do.

There have been many changes made for Blind and Partially Sighted people by you and other SLC members, these have helped so many different individuals in their daily lives. This is because you have give up your free time and offered so many of your valuable skills to achieve these, without you this would not have been possible."

Donna Stephenson, Families Officer


"Thank you very much for giving your time to volunteer for our Link Up members. With your help it has made it possible for our blind and partially sighted service users access activities that they may not have been able to do alone! A very big thank you!"

Courtney Nugent, Volunteering Admin


"Everyone at the Student Support Service would like to say a massive thank you to all of the volunteers that help TPT deliver the incredible work that we do as an organisation. We rely on working with professionals in a voluntary capacity to provide us with advice and guidance to help support students in and entering in to further and higher education. As a newly formed service, we are starting to think about we can engage with the fantastic TPT volunteers, and we look forward to working with you over the coming months. 

Tara Chattaway, Student Support Manager


"Having worked with the West Midlands Sight Loss Councils in my previous role here at TPT, I saw first hand the energy and enthusiasm that volunteers bring to the organisation. Their determination to improve things for blind and partially sighted people is both inspiring and humbling. Thank you for all you do."

Josh Feehan, Project and Evaluation Manager


"Many thanks to our amazing volunteers for all that you do. I am especially grateful for the volunteers who helped guide attendees at the EVS National Conference 2019 which I coordinated. This was my first time organising a large event such as this and thanks to their help the day ran really smoothly and we received a lot of positive feedback."

Liam Cooper, Hub Administrator


"Dear Volunteers, thank you so very much for dedicating your time to TPT and providing support to blind and partially-sighted people – you are all truly wonderful!!"

Paul Vassilliou, Facilities Manager


"I would like to say a massive thank you to Andy Bear and the whole Lockton insurance team for their continued support providing advice and opportunities to blind and partially sighted job seekers. In December Andy arranged a three-day shadowing opportunity for one of our interns in the finance team at Lockton, which was absolutely brilliant. Andy’s ongoing support and the support of the whole Lockton insurance team is really appreciated by all of us."

Martin Sigsworth, Senior Employment Manager


"Keep up the awesome work guys, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you!"

Alex Henderson, Communications Intern

"A big thank you to all of our wonderful and generous volunteers.  We love writing about all the great work you do for TPT - it is truly inspiring."

Penny Wilkinson, Head of Communications 

“We were lucky enough to benefit from the support of staff from TPT and Syncreon (through TPTs corporate volunteering scheme) both in the run up to and physically at the 2019 Visionary Annual Conference. Donna Stephenson from TPT became an integral part of the Visionary Conference team and the success of the event thanks to her organisations, commitment and support in the organisation and running of the event. Thanks to the training and support given by TPT to corporate volunteers from Syncreon – the 200+ conference delegates benefitted from support from a fantastic group of people.

Volunteers helped with directions around the venue and provided one to one sighted guiding for any delegates that needed this. Their flexibility, friendliness, professionalism and willingness to help us and all of our delegates throughout the event made the Conference a fantastic event for all. Thank you TPT!”

 Sarah Cosby, Strategic Projects Leads, Visionary  


"Volunteers week reminds us to all to thank you to those people that have supported Metro Blind Sport in the past 12 months. I would like to thank Barnett Waddingham for volunteering their time to support a charity game of partially sighted football in Leyton.

Thank you for your support in encouraging people to get involved in the game and for spreading the message about the importance of inclusive sport and physical activity."

 Martin Symcox, CEO, Metro Blind Sports