APPLE has launched a new accessibility website to help people use the accessibility features in its products.

But the website doesn’t just tell you what accessibility features Apple products have.

It shows you how people with disabilities, including visual impairment, use the accessibility features.

The homepage of the website features short videos of people using the assistive technology, including one video of a visually impaired person using the VoiceOver feature on an iPhone, which can describe what’s on your screen, while he takes a photo.

The rest of the website delves more deeply into what’s in each product.

The website says: “We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. The most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use. To work, create, communicate, stay in shape and be entertained. So we don’t design products for some people or even most people. We design them for every single person.”

To find out more about the accessibility features of Apple products, visit