TPT welcome the publication of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) quality standard on ‘People’s experience using adult social care services’.

The quality standard includes four statements which focus on the importance of a patient-centred approach in the context of adult social care services. We are particularly pleased to see strong emphasis on involving people in their care and needs assessment.

The role that social care services play in helping to support blind and partially sighted people maintain independence is crucial, particularly through rehabilitation services. TPT has been working with partners across the sight loss sector to strengthen rehabilitation and other sensory support services.

Losing some or all of your sight can be devastating, and everyday tasks can seem overwhelming. Vision rehabilitation can help give you the skills and confidence to manage activities like making a cup of tea, shopping, crossing a road safely, reading post, cooking and continuing in work.

NICE has reiterated in this new standard the importance of the personal strengths, preferences, aspirations and needs of the person to be discussed and understood when they receive an assessment.

We are clear that professionals carrying out care assessments for people with sight loss should have the right skills, knowledge and experience to find out what services they might need. It is also important that where a care plan or rehabilitation programme is developed, it should be given to the individual so that they understand what has been agreed and can hold service providers to account on what they have promised to deliver.

Losing some or all of your sight can be devastating, and everyday tasks can seem overwhelming.

We want to ensure blind and partially sighted people receive the vision rehabilitation services they need, wherever they live, in a timely manner. We want commissioners or those making decisions about providing vision rehabilitation services to ensure the right resources are in place to provide services that meet the needs of blind or partially sighted people.

Find out more about the quality standard here.