Close partners

We have formal agreements and working relationships with a number of ‘close partners’ to whom we provide grant funding against agreed objectives. These are independent charities whose objectives closely align with ours and who fulfill vital roles in the sector. They include:


London Vision

London Vision works to ensure that blind and partially sighted people living, working and studying in the capital are an equal part of the London community.

Its vision is a society and a capital city where blind and partially sighted people can fully participate and its work is entirely built on the lived experience of blind and partially sighted people in the capital. London Vision’s strategic aims for 2020-2023 are to:

  • Increase understanding of what it means to be blind, partially sighted or lose your sight in London
  • Promote participation and leadership by blind and partially sighted people in all aspects of life in London
  • Start a new conversation and challenge assumptions about sight loss

Find out more on London Vision by visiting



Visionary is a membership organisation for local sight loss charities. Its vision is for a world in which people living with sight loss can access the services they need at a local level where and when they need them.  It is developing a strong national network of good quality local sight loss organisations, covering all parts of the UK, to help achieve this.

  • Connect: Visionary is a connector to facilitate and encourage partnerships, discussions and joined up thinking in order to stimulate change and good practice across the local sight loss sector.
  • Develop: Visionary is a conduit for information, knowledge and opportunity in order that local organisations can enhance their organisational health.
  • Share: Visionary is a catalyst for learning and development within the sight loss sector and facilitating positive change.

Visit Visionary’s website at


Metro Blind Sport

Metro Blind Sport is a London-based charity, creating fun, sporting opportunities for blind and partially sighted individuals, regardless of age or sporting ability.

In addition to its core sports, Metro plays a vital role in the provision of information about sporting opportunities to the blind and partially sighted community.  Its aims are to:


  • Improve the health and fitness of blind and partially sighted people living in London;
  • Improve the physical mobility of blind and partially sighted people living in London;
  • Increase the participation levels of blind and partially sighted people living in London;
  • Reduce the feelings of social isolation and improve social connections of blind and partially sighted people living in London;
  • Improve of the confidence and independence of blind and partially sighted people living in London in everyday life.

Read more on Metro’s work


Sight Support West of England logo in blue font with eye outline graphic around West of England.

Formed in 2018 to fill an identified gap in local services, Sight Support West of England delivers high quality, high impact, local services for blind and partially sighted people and their families across Bristol, Bath and North-East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Its services are holistic, bridging the gap between statutory health and social care provision, and are truly driven by the needs of people with sight loss. Key activities include:

  • Community Sight Loss service, providing information, advice and guidance on living with sight loss and remaining independent
  • Demonstration and training on useful resources to help with daily living
  • Technology advice and training in the use of smartphones, tablets and other devices to minimise the impact of sight loss
  • Development of social activities, sports clubs and opportunities for people living with sight loss
  • Activities, advice and guidance for families with vision impaired children

Find out more on Sight Support West of England’s website at

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