THOMAS Pocklington Trust representatives were lucky enough to go behind closed doors at the headquarters of the most used social media platform in the world last week.

Facebook invited us to a Facebook Masterclass as part of its Global Causes Day – a day where its employees down tools and come together around causes they care about – on Thursday, April 28.

Facebook’s London team partnered with Media Trust to show charities how Facebook could be used to maximise their audience reach and meet their objectives.

Facebook’s UK Managing Director Steve Hatch gave out rare data which revealed that 37 million people used Facebook each month in the UK, showing the potential reach the social media platform had for charities.

He also revealed that people in the UK spent an average of 2.24 hours on their mobile phone each day, and one quarter of that time was on Facebook.

Steve said Facebook had a 10 year plan to drive fundamental world changes in areas including artificial intelligence which included the launch of automatic alternative text to make images more accessible for people with visual impairment last month.

Alternative text tells people what is in photos that appear on their news feed.

Steve said Facebook was a visual platform which was hard for the thousands of people in the UK who were visually impaired to access and alternative text made the platform more accessible to blind and partially sighted people.

The TPT team also had one-one-one sessions with Facebook volunteers where they learnt how Facebook could be used to specifically help TPT optimise social media for its needs.