April 2014


Good lighting can help you make the most of your vision, particularly for people with sight loss. With all light bulbs on the market now energy efficient, this guide ranks the most commonly available by brightness, colour and energy saving capacity, ensuring an informed decision about how best to light your home.

Key Facts: Light bulbs for sight loss

  • Energy saving light bulbs are now the only light bulbs available in shops.
  • Lumens measure the light a bulb provides. The higher the lumens, the greater the output. Wattage is no longer prominent on packaging.
  • The best way to make a room brighter is to illuminate the ceiling and the top half of the walls.
  • People with sight loss should make a special effort to select “quick start” low-energy light bulbs that warm up quickly.


Choosing Energy Saving Lightbulbs for your Home – PDF version and Word version