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Housing Guide for People with Sight Loss

July 2017 Imogen Blood from Imogen Blood & Associates, Ian Copeman from Housing & Support Partnership and Dianne Theakstone. The Housing Guide for People with Sight Loss provides information and advice for visually impaired people who are looking for a new home, seeking to live independently for the first time or experiencing problems in their current accommodation. It covers everything from student housing and tips for living in a shared house to the moving process, assistive technology and support for living independently and more. The guide was co-produced with people with sight loss and shares personal experiences of visually...

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Additional Costs of Living for People who are Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired

January 2016 Katherine Hill, Lydia Marshall, Donald Hirsch and Matt Padley, Centre for Research in Social Policy – Loughborough University This publication summarises findings from research commissioned by Thomas Pocklington Trust and conducted by Katherine Hill, Lydia Marshall, Donald Hirsh and Matt Padley, at the Centre for Research in Social Policy, Loughborough University. The research used an established methodology that defines Minimum Income Standards (MIS) for different households to consider how much more it costs, as a minimum, to live with different degrees of sight loss at different times of life. It established minimum weekly budgets for: a working...

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