We are looking for visually impaired people to share their experiences of living on a budget and costs involved for a new research project.

We have commissioned Loughborough University to find out about the experiences of being visually impaired and living on a budget.

Life can cost more if you are visually impaired but we want to know what this means for people on an everyday basis? We are interested in people’s views and experiences to help improve understanding about the issues that visually impaired people face in making ends meet.

We are looking for visually impaired people to take part in interviews to discuss the costs involved, how people balance their needs with their budgets and what can help or make it more difficult to manage.

We are looking for people in the Midlands / East Midlands, South West, or South East areas of England who are aged 18 and over, including pension age people, eligible to be certified as sight impaired or severely sight impaired, living alone independently in the community, and are living on a modest income or pension.

The interview will last for up to two hours. People who take part will receive £30 to thank them for their time. Anonymity is assured and the information you provide is kept confidential.

If you are interested in taking part in an interview or would like further information please contact Lisa Jones at the Centre for Research in Social Policy, Loughborough University, by calling 01509 223619 or emailing L.J.Jones@lboro.ac.uk