rodney-powellRodney Powell has been a trustee of the Thomas Pocklington Trust since 1983 and has been chairman of the trustees since his father’s retirement from that role in 1992.

Rodney practised for over 20 years as a Chartered Surveyor in the City of London, and for 10 years in Madrid, Spain, specialising in advising clients on both commercial and residential property.

Thomas Pocklington was Rodney’s great uncle and, in serving the Thomas Pocklington Trust, he is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, his father and mother, and also his late brother. Rodney is interested in all aspects of the Trust’s activities but has been particularly involved in the management of the Trust’s property portfolio.

During his time in office, Rodney has sought to ensure that the Trust, through its Objects, remains an independent charity that is faithful to Thomas Pocklington’s vision, and that the charity employs the best people possible in order to achieve its mission.

Rodney lives in London and is married, with two stepsons. He is a keen golfer and can be found at dawn on most Sundays on the first tee at Ealing Golf Club, where he has been a member for over 30 years. He enjoys travelling abroad when he has the time, particularly to Spain.